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    Posted on Sep 14, 2016

    17 Photos That'll Make You Say "Well, That's Cornwall For You"

    The land of seagulls, surfing, and pasties.

    1. These three pasty shops in a row.

    2. And this crisp flavour.

    3. This unique approach to farming.

    4. This disused postbox.

    5. This necessary vending machine.

    6. This surfed-up road sign.

    7. This pub that isn't going to let a simple bit of flooding shut its doors.

    8. This escaped cow.

    9. This piece of breaking news.

    10. This carpet-covered car.

    11. These makeshift beer holders installed on a boat.

    12. This nightmare scenario.

    13. And this one.

    14. This plea for a landmark's recognition.

    15. This shop with the most British name imaginable.

    16. This alien encounter.

    17. And this lightning strike in the shape of the South West.

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