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23 Struggles That Were All Too Real For Pokémon Fans Of The '90s

For everyone who wasted hours trying to find Mew in a truck.

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3. We all had that one friend who picked Bulbasaur as their starter.


6. Excitingly opening a fresh pack of cards, only to find it contained way too many energy cards.

7. And even when you got a new card, it meant you'd have to spend ages rearranging your folder.

8. Taking way too long to grow out of the fad.

"Why is ash ketchum STILL ten years old??" "well honey because it's a show for children. you weren't supposed to watch it for fifteen years"

11. And the chances are that you're still afraid to listen to the music.

If you clicked play, you're braver than most.


12. Not being able to trust Digimon fans.

13. They just weren't trustworthy like your fellow Pokémon brothers and sisters.


19. Running out of usable Pokémon.

20. There'd always be that one person who bought a fake card and refused to believe it wasn't real.

21. Dreaming of owning a Pokémon of your own.

If you teach your parrot to say "parrot", it’s probably as close as you’ll get to owning a Pokemon.

23. And finally, not being happy when new Pokémon came along.

son when i was your age we only had two pokemon. dog and cat. but we made do