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Sep 19, 2015

22 Shoppers Who Made A Hard And Important Decision

Sometimes a tough decision has to be made.

1. The person who swapped the spice of their peppers for the spice of Doritos.

Somebody made a good decision here

2. This shopper who said no to the water and yes to the Cheetos.

3. The person who chose pickles over a bathing costume.

somebody made a serious decision here.. panties or pickles?¿

4. The person who swapped their toothpaste for what is pretty much the exact opposite of toothpaste.

Someone made a very important decision here.

5. KitKats > salad – that's just basic science.

someone made a really tough decision here

6. This person who pretty much dumped out their entire cart to make room for some M&M's.

7. This shopper who ditched their mango smoothie for something a little harder.

Someone made a very correct choice here today

8. Goodbye boring melon, and hello delicious bacon.

someone made an important life decision here.

9. Seriously, people just don't like melons.

10. This shopper who tried to hide their water-gin trade-off.

Someone made a decision here #gin #water #drinking

11. The person who decided that cake was more important than socks. Which it is.

Someone made an important choice here.

12. And the customer who traded trousers for soft drinks.

somebody made a life decision here

13. This chocolate fan who traded their salad for a sugary treat.

Somebody made a life decision here.

14. This person who realised green beans won't cool you down during summer.

somebody made the right decision here

15. This customer who decided vodka was the answer to their problems.

Somebody made a good choice here

16. The person who made this easy avocado-Butterfinger trade-off.

Someone made a serious life choice right here....#priorities butterfingers bites: 1 Avocado: 0

17. People can't get enough of those Butterfingers.

Someone made an unhealthy decision here.

18. This alcohol-loving shopper who switched out their fibre bars for some lager.

Someone made a decision here😂😂

19. This person that said "hell no" to salsa and "hell yes" to Coke.

20. We all wish we could swap salad for Oreos.

21. This customer who decided to forgo their kitchen supplies and opt for a case of cold ones instead.

Someone made an important decision here!

22. And finally, this modern-day hero who swapped their bread for some cake mix.

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