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    19 Useful Skills All Tall People Have Mastered

    It's a shame there aren't more cats in trees that need rescuing.

    1. Knowing exactly where to stand in group photos.

    Twitter: @classpass / BuzzFeed

    2. And the classic knee bend to take a mirror selfie.

    3. Squeezing into super-cramped spaces on public transport.

    4. Hell, squeezing into any ~small~ space.

    5. Ignoring stupid comments like "what's the weather like up there?"

    Universal Pictures

    6. And not getting offended when people think you're older than you actually are.

    Columbia Pictures

    7. Learning a second name based on your height.

    8. Reaching things for people shorter than you.

    9. Judging clothing by the length of the sleeves.

    10. Or the leg length.

    11. Craning your neck at an angle to wash your hair in some showers.

    12. Dodging goddamn umbrellas.

    Flickr: rafa2010 / Creative Commons

    13. Stretching your legs without kicking the person sitting opposite you.

    14. Being polite to people who are only ever interested in your height.

    The CW

    15. Serving as a safety beacon for friends when you're walking in a large crowd.

    16. Superhuman crouching ability.

    17. Knowing when to duck.

    18. And a high pain tolerance for when you forget to.

    20th Century Fox

    19. Not feeling the need to apologise for your beautiful, brilliant height.

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