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27 Signs That Failed So Hard That They Honestly Just Failed

Avocados: Great for birthdays! H/T: r/CrappyDesign

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6. This sign that features a great advertisement for avocados.

"What should I write on this sign for avocados?" "Just make something up."


8. This sign that replaced a broken bell on a bus.

When the bell on your bus doesn't work...

12. This sign for a trash can that looks eerily like a video game icon.


15. These gendered toilet signs.

ah, the classic gender binary : men and shoes


22. This very sinister sign for a photo printing store.

i dont think this was meant to be this dark


25. This broken sign whose instructions will never be followed.

27. And this sign that was a little over-cautious with its clarification.

Incredible clarification on this health poster.