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    Updated on Jan 31, 2019. Posted on Jan 31, 2018

    27 Signs That Failed So Hard That They Honestly Just Failed

    Avocados: Great for birthdays! H/T: r/CrappyDesign

    1. This sign for a shop called "Closed," which needed a piece of paper to show that it's actually open.

    2. This very cool sign that someone forgot to switch on.

    3. This sign for gum recycling facilities that became its own place for gum disposal.

    4. This sign at a hypnotherapy office which makes hypnotherapy seem very unbeneficial.

    5. This sign with added travel instructions that someone took very seriously.

    6. This sign that features a great advertisement for avocados.

    "What should I write on this sign for avocados?" "Just make something up."

    7. This religious billboard that puts Jesus above all names, except Allison.

    8. This sign that replaced a broken bell on a bus.

    When the bell on your bus doesn't work...

    9. This condominium sign that was actually voted for by a homeowner association.

    10. This sign for a restaurant which probably should have just moved its fish menu to a Friday.

    11. This big blue sign for the 3st floor.

    12. This sign for a trash can that looks eerily like a video game icon.

    13. This rotating sign with two very conflicting adverts.

    14. This sign that really leaves you with a lot of open sea to fish within.

    15. These gendered toilet signs.

    ah, the classic gender binary : men and shoes

    16. This sign giving instructions that weren't exactly well thought out.

    17. This sign advertising delicious, fresh, and mouthwatering funnel cakes.

    18. This sign for a library acronym that I'm sure was written with the best of intentions.

    19. This misspelt sign that there was an attempt to correct.

    20. This helpful Braille sign that was unhelpfully put behind glass.

    21. This sign for a tattoo removal place that's less gross-sounding than it first appears.

    22. This very sinister sign for a photo printing store.

    i dont think this was meant to be this dark

    23. This recruitment sign that makes it clear that inexperienced sandwiches just won't do.

    24. This sign for a display of "no-contract" phone cases, whatever that means.

    25. This broken sign whose instructions will never be followed.

    26. This café sign that doesn't exactly scream "come eat here".

    27. And this sign that was a little over-cautious with its clarification.

    Incredible clarification on this health poster.

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