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21 Things All Brits Experience In The Run-Up To Christmas

Time to start stocking up on festive bleach.

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6. Which is a nightmare for the most patient man on the planet.

This man is a human being, not a high-end department store.

7. You get that old Toys "R" Us jingle stuck in your head, even though you don't exactly know the lyrics.

Gerardo Mora / Getty Images / HBO / BuzzFeed

There's definitely millions of something all under one roof, but you're still not sure what.

18. Gaudy knitwear just feels acceptable.

20. You buy a copy of the Radio Times TV guide even though it's not really needed these days.

Getty Images / Flickr: mary_hutchison / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

It's the only time of the year you're willing to pay for a TV guide.

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