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    22 Photos Guaranteed To Annoy Anyone Who Bakes

    Flour. Everywhere.

    1. When the bake just wants to stay in the pan.

    2. When butter takes up a whole shelf of your fridge.

    3. When your blender just isn't up to the task.

    4. Or when it tries just a little too hard.

    5. When you use the wrong amount of flour.

    6. Trying to find ingredients at a cost that won't bankrupt you.

    7. When a cake makes itself at home in your oven.

    8. When no matter how careful you are, you still manage a spill.

    9. The waiting. The eternal waiting.

    10. When flour gets everywhere.

    11. Seriously everywhere.

    12. When you follow the recipe timings to the second and disaster still strikes.

    13. When reality fails to live up to expectations.

    14. When you make the fatal error of forgetting to grease the wax paper.

    15. The all-too-common wrist burn.

    16. When you run a spoon under the tap and create a waterfall in your kitchen.

    17. When you use the cake tin upside down.

    18. When everything goes perfectly except one little thing.

    19. When the second you decide against an apron, this happens.

    20. When you say you're done with baking, even though you know you'll be baking again within a fortnight.

    21. When after all the effort, your bake falls apart upon cutting.

    22. And at the end of a bake session, when the real work begins with the tidy-up.

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