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    21 Secrets Nando's Employees Will Never Tell You

    Sorry, we can't get you a black card.

    1. No, we can't get you a black card.

    Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

    2. And we know you haven't just left yours at home.

    3. You're not impressing anyone when you do this:

    FACT: We often get guys on dates who order Plain but ask us to put Extra Hot flags in their chicken.#justsaying

    4. Or when you just go straight ahead and order way out of your spice comfort zone.

    Comedy Central / Via

    5. Please stop stealing the sauce bottles.

    Before they sold the bottles in shops, 4 years ago I stole a big bottle of sauce from Nandos and it smashed in my backpack. Karma.

    6. And the order sticks.

    7. We're constantly being reminded of work because it's impossible for most people to go to Nando's without tweeting about it.

    BBC / Via

    8. Seriously, some people just go crazy for the place.

    9. There's nothing like enduring the very real cringe of hearing people say "a cheeky Nando's".

    10. And wondering how people can be so inept at getting their own cutlery.

    This is why nandos should give you cutlery... @LizShedden On the plus side I LOVE DREW #rockandroll

    11. Sorry, but you're going to have to queue up to make your order.

    12. And remember your own table number.

    Nando's / BuzzFeed

    13. There's always that one table who take FULL advantage of the bottomless drinks.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    14. Not forgetting the frozen yoghurt either.

    15. Then there's the people who pull off this little trick:

    Ordering a water in nandos and getting a fizzy drink #thuglife @NandosUK

    16. Working the evening shift is a nightmare.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    17. Because it's always so damn busy.

    18. Plus there's more of a chance of having to deal with the awkwardness of serving a couple on a first date.

    19. And the angry responses when asking customers how their meal is going.

    HBO / Via

    20. Hell, at least we're not suffering from the boredom of the afternoon shift.

    21. And at the end of the day, it's all worth putting up with.

    The reason working at nandos is worth it, free food

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