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A Guy Appears To Have Tattooed "Gary Lineker Shags Crisps" On His Arse

Instant regret.

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A man from Doncaster went to a tattoo artist with a bizarre request: To have the phrase "Gary Lineker shags crisps" inked on his left butt cheek.

What an absolute belter this lad is.. @jonnoNUFC

The phrase was first made popular when a flag adorning the words popped up at Glastonbury in 2014.

The "massive fan" posted a photo on Twitter to share his unique love with the former footballer, current sports broadcaster, and famous pedlar of crisps.

Hi Gary I'm a massive fan of yours @GaryLineker

However It didn't taken long for regret to sink in.

And it seems that not everyone is a fan.

It's fair to say my mams not over the moon

Life lesson: Never get a tattoo accusing a retired footballer of having sex with potato based snacks – your mother probably won't like it.

There's been no response from Gary yet.

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BuzzFeed News has reached out to the man for comment.