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30 Reasons You Should Never Visit Wales

Seriously, just don't even.

1. Everyone seems to think that Wales is a beautiful country.

2. Which is completely absurd.

3. It's not beautiful at all.

4. For a start, it's always raining.

5. Literally all the damn time.

6. Which of course means no other weather exists.

7. It's impossible to even see the sky through all the damn rain clouds.

8. Plus the landscape is incredibly dull.

9. It's all just featureless mountains.

10. Everywhere you look.

11. Who seriously wants to see this?

12. There's really no escape.

13. Not even underground.

14. Was Tom Jones high when he sang about the green, green grass of home?

15. And don't get me started on the buildings.

16. They're all just so grey.

17. And uninspired.

18. Not to mention the fact that everyone lives on a farm.

19. Isolated from the world around them.

20. Which of course means loads of traveling on non-scenic routes.

21. Boring.

22. There's nothing of any historical interest.

23. It's as if civilization just emerged overnight.

24. There's no wildlife to see, just sheep.

25. Look all the damn sheep. They're everywhere.

26. And then there are the god-awful beaches.

27. Completely overcrowded and littered with trash.

28. And just plain ugly.

29. Seriously, there's no point in ever visiting Wales.

30. You'll only be disappointed.