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    28 Reasons You Should Avoid North Wales

    Too many mountains, for a start.

    1. Firstly, it's just so bland.

    2. North Wales is basically featureless.

    3. It's a barren wasteland.

    4. And downright offensive to the eyes.

    5. No wonder no one lives there.

    6. Who would want to live somewhere like this?

    7. With such ugly scenery right at your doorstep.

    8. Then there's the weather.

    9. Just constant, unending rain.

    10. Always so grey and miserable.

    11. The whole area is just so colourless.

    12. Commuting is a nightmare.

    13. There's just no way of getting from point A to B.

    14. Not that there's anything worth traveling for.

    15. The region has no history.

    16. No culture.

    17. No identity.

    18. It doesn't even have any wildlife.

    19. No life to be seen at all.

    20. Don't even mention the food.

    21. There's nowhere you can call into for a quiet drink.

    22. The area's agricultural history is hugely overstated.

    23. And if you think the coast is worth travelling to, sadly you're wrong.

    24. There's nothing there either.

    25. Then there are the nights.

    26. Where the skies are lit up with light pollution.

    27. So it's probably best to completely avoid the area.

    28. There's nothing worth seeing.