17 People Who Did Not Get What They Ordered Online

    Shopping at home just isn't worth the hassle.

    1. Online shopping is pretty great, but it also comes with some negatives.

    2. When you can't see what you're getting, you have to really trust the seller.

    3. And hope that they're capable of following simple instructions.

    4. Because the last thing you want is a bouquet of spring onions when you ordered geraniums.

    5. Even when you do get flowers, they can look different than what they did on the website.

    6. A huge problem with online shopping is the inability to see the size.

    7. It's impossible to tell what exactly you're getting.

    8. Seriously.

    9. ALWAYS double check the measurements on furniture.

    10. Clothes are an entirely different beast.

    11. Even when the size is right the pattern might not be what you expected.

    12. Like, not at all what you expected.

    13. You might even get a surprise butt plug.

    14. Letting parents order anything comes at a high risk.

    15. They can't grasp the internet at the best of times.

    16. It's probably best to just avoid ordering anything at all tbh.

    17. Because the last thing anyone wants is the imprint of a cock on the screen of your new iPhone.