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    25 Reasons To Never Visit Wales During Summer

    It's just so bad.

    1. When you think of summer, Wales is probably the last place that springs to mind.

    2. And with good reason.

    3. I mean look at the place.

    4. With the permanent grey sky...

    5. …and constant rain.

    6. Ugh.

    7. It just looks downright ugly during summer.

    8. Seriously.

    9. Especially the beaches.

    10. With their dirty stretches of sand...

    11. ...and muddy ocean.

    12. Not to mention how crowded they are.

    13. Things aren't much better inland.

    14. The nature is nothing short of a joke.

    15. It's just plain ugly.

    16. And then there's the wildlife.

    17. The horrible wildlife.

    18. Imagine living here.

    19. Or here even.

    20. The cities are no better.

    21. The parks become an overcrowded nightmare.

    22. Both night...

    23. …and day…

    24. …Wales is hell on earth during summer.

    25. So If you're looking for somewhere to enjoy summer, Wales is not the place.