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    Humanity Has Peaked, And These 16 Pictures Prove It

    Give all of these people a cape.

    1. This twin who stood in for his brother:

    my twin is the GOAT 😂😂he took both of our pics for Picture day back in HS when I was sick

    2. This hotel maid who didn't let anything prevent her from doing her job:

    Went down to breakfast, came back up and the Maids cleaned the room and made the bed with Henry still sleeping 😭😭😭😭😩😩

    3. These girls who didn't let the threat of fire ruin their lunch:

    The fire alarm's gone off at Westfield Stratford and these girls have walked out of Nando's with their plates. Prio…

    4. And this dad who made an important save:

    5. This guy who wanted his dog to get the best education possible:

    this guy brings his dog to class every time nd he just sits thERE

    6. This shopper who came up with a clever way of avoiding making more than one trip:

    throwback to getting groceries to the 2nd floor in one trip

    7. This friend who went the extra mile to take the perfect photo:

    8. This traveller who made sure that no one would accidentally take her luggage:

    This woman who got her own face printed on her luggage is the hero we need right now

    9. This dad who came up with a genius hack to prevent family using his Netflix account:

    Everyone at home kept watching Netflix using my profile. Messed up all my lists and history... so I renamed “Dad” to “Install Windows Updates Now.” Problem solved.

    10. This guy who dressed up as stock photo:

    My little brother dressed up as a stock photo for Halloween, so he's basically my hero

    11. This guy who improvised a sick bag:

    12. This moviegoer who found a way to avoid paying movie theatre prices:

    Found a brand new way to get your snacks into a movie

    13. This guy who made a visiting cricket feel welcome:

    Last night it was cold & windy & when I opened my door this cricket hopped in, so I set him up good for the night: - lil’ pot of water - pickle & Swiss cheese - left airpod w/ Frank Ocean playing This morning I let him go & he hopped away happily. I miss him & hope he’s good

    14. This family who threw a literal quinceañera for their cat.

    Family throws quinceañera for cat who just turned 15

    15. This wine drinker who just changed the game:

    16. And this guy who didn't need to bring a deckchair to the beach:

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