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    Posted on May 9, 2017

    34 Random But Fascinating Photos Of British Celebrities

    Out of all the celeb photos, these are the ones that matter most.

    1. Nelson Mandela sandwiched between two Spice Girls.

    John Stillwell / PA Archive / PA Images

    2. Hear'Say running down Downing Street on their way to Gordon Brown's Christmas party.

    Peter Jordan / PA Archive / PA Images

    3. Mr Motivator with Cindy Crawford.

    Rebecca Naden / PA Archive / PA Images

    4. Gordon Ramsay, and some catering students, posing with a really big fish.

    Andy Butterton / PA Archive / PA Images

    5. Dale Winton with Dillon, the dog from the Dulux adverts.

    Neil Munns / PA Archive / PA Images

    6. Gary Lineker submerged in packets of Walkers crisps and eating some with chopsticks.

    Adam Butler / PA Archive / PA Images

    7. Helena Bonham-Carter posing with a cardboard cutout of Mr Bean.

    David Giles / PA Archive / PA Images

    8. Richard Branson driving through a wall of Virgin cola.

    Tim Ockenden / PA Archive / PA Images

    9. Cherie Blair meeting Mr Blobby outside the House of Commons.

    Stefan Rousseau / PA Archive / PA Images

    10. David Beckham with a balloon bicycle at a Woolworths in Oldham.

    Eamonn And James Clarke / PA Images

    11. Noel Edmonds dressed as an anus.

    Ian West / PA Archive / PA Images

    12. Phillip Schofield blowing out some candles with a pig and a monkey.

    Toby Melville / PA Archive / PA Images

    13. Gareth Gates juggling cans of Pepsi Twist.

    Doug Peters / EMPICS Entertainment / PA Images

    14. Richard and Judy standing next to themselves as Simpsons.

    Joel Ryan / PA Archive / PA Images

    15. Shaun Williamson, AKA Barry from EastEnders, sleeping in the shop window of a Boots in Manchester.

    Peter Byrne / PA Archive / PA Images

    16. Katie Price promoting an ironing board cover at an erotica exhibition.

    Frank Barlow / EMPICS Entertainment / PA Images

    17. James Corden doing a photoshoot in a bathing suit.

    Ian West / PA Archive / PA Images

    18. Adrian Chiles and Jerome Flynn training for the London Marathon.

    Suzanne Haubbard / PA Archive / PA Images

    19. Ainsley Harriott holding up a giant eggplant poster.

    Anthony Harvey / PA Archive / PA Images

    20. Carol Vorderman with F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, who appears to be hiding in a giant coffee cup.

    William Conran / PA Archive / PA Images

    21. Russell Brand serving a dodgy 99.

    Neil Jones / PA Archive / PA Images

    22. S Club 7 chilling out with an elephant.

    Simon Meaker / EMPICS Entertainment / PA Images

    23. Keith Chegwin (right) with his twin brother Jeffrey Chegwin.

    PA Archive / PA Images

    24. Les Dennis on the beach during the 54th Cannes Film Festival with a dog he co-starred in a movie with.

    Toby Melville / PA Archive / PA Images

    25. Naomi Campbell with Zig and Zag

    Duncan Raban / EMPICS Entertainment / PA Images

    26. Vanessa Feltz with someone dressed up as Flubber.

    Ben Curtis / PA Archive / PA Images

    27. June Brown sharing a drink with Lady Gaga on the Graham Norton Show.

    Ian West / PA Archive / PA Images

    28. Jeremy Clarkson testing out one of Tesco's new trollies.

    Matthew Fearn / PA Archive / PA Images

    29. Tony Blair and Ross Kemp hanging out like old pals.

    Sean Dempsey / PA Archive / PA Images

    30. Anne Robinson promoting a Weakest Link game for the Playstation 2.

    Myung Jung Kim / PA Archive / PA Images

    31. Andy Cole holding an AK-47 in Newcastle.

    Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

    32. Nick Hewer looking manly in a garage.

    Nick Hewer / PA Archive / PA Images

    33. The second Atomic Kitten line-up with some Digimon.

    William Conran / PA Archive / PA Images

    34. Steve McFadden talking to the band Westlife during a performance.

    Doug Peters / EMPICS Entertainment / PA Images

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