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    The New Pokémon Games Are Set In A UK-Inspired Region And The Tweets Are Predictably Hilarious

    "I’m legit sad it’s not Pokémon Fish & Chips or Pokémon Bangers & Mash."

    Nintendo has unveiled the newest titles in the Pokémon series, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.


    Both are scheduled for release on the Switch in late 2019.

    The games are set in the newly introduced region of Galar, which fans were quick to point out resembles the United Kingdom.

    I think Galar region is based on Great Britain. Especially with the game logo design, that Big Ben expy and everything else

    hi i dont know anything abt pokemon but apparently this pokemon is in britain and im losing my MIND at them making a hill figure when probably the most famous british hill figure is a big man with his willy right out

    Here are 14 of the best reactions that offer a glimpse into what we can expect from a UK-inspired Pokémon game. Enjoy!


    heard the news the new pokemon games are set in the UK but wow can't believe it's true


    pokemon before: hey i see youre a trainer, lets battle! pokemon now: ey ye bloody wanker lets have a fight innit




    I’m legit sad it’s not Pokemon Fish & Chips or Pokemon Bangers & Mash


    Spotted in Greggs #PokemonDirect #Pokemon



    Props to the new pokemon game making the starter names fit right in with british nonsense the game is based on. "Oi mate how many sobble's ye got?" "That's a real grookey inne?"


    uk-themed region huh? i'll bite #PokemonSwordShield


    If pokemon is based on the UK, I hope they have a fast travel system between cities by taking the train It'll always cost 90% of your money and will occasionally not take you all the way


    OMG the new Pokemon games are set in the UK... which one will you choose? #PokemonSwordShield


    If the new pokemon champion isn't the queen of england and her team of dog pokemon i'm not touching the new game


    Fairy type legendary for pokemon britain leaked


    Hyped for the regional differences in #PokemonSwordShield