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    9 Times Humans Made The World A Little Better And 9 Times They Did, Well…The Opposite

    The best and worst of humanity.

    1. These restaurant taps that drip any excess water onto the thirsty plants below:

    halfandhafu / Via

    And this tap which does nothing but waste water:

    elyl / Via

    2. This bin that collects leftover popcorn for local farm animals:

    konronbonbon / Via

    And this recycling bin that dumps its waste in the same place as the regular trash:

    laanalech90 / Via

    3. This event bracelet that will eventually erode away and be reborn as beautiful flowers:

    RealSushiSandwiches / Via

    And the result of this gender reveal party that left behind a field of plastic:

    f1rstman / Via

    4. This fountain that avoids water waste by allowing the water to flow down for dogs to drink:

    rubenmleon / Via

    And these trash cans that promote a negative message towards animals:

    FinnMac93 / Via

    5. This Italian bar that decided to ditch plastic straws for some pasta straws:

    GranFabio / Via

    And this restaurant that removed all straws but went overboard on the plastic cutlery:

    DropTopNardi / Via

    6. These recycling bins with super useful visual guides:

    Unburiedco / Via

    And these trash cans that have been gendered for no earthly reason:

    RockESV / Via

    7. These T-shirts that have been made from recycled plastic bottles:

    AutumnBegins / Via

    And these unhelpfully labelled waste cans that ensure plastics, along with everything else, get mixed up:

    zukluk / Via

    8. This neat invention that collects trash and prevents it from polluting lakes:

    GallowBoob / Via

    And this supermarket that's added more trash to the world through its unnecessary packaging:

    thenamenononehas / Via

    9. This college that turns recycled paper into notepads for its students:

    UrBrotherJoe / Via

    And this sign which is doing exactly what it's warning against:

    hayx9977 / Via

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