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    23 Pieces Of Graffiti That Definitely Weren't Done By Banksy

    This lot should probably just stick to painting on canvas.

    1. This celebration of fabric.

    2. This sarcastic apology.

    3. This demon tiger/alligator hybrid.

    I hate anatomically incorrect graffiti and this is the worst #hobart #marsupial #ballsinfrontofdick

    4. This political criticism that gets straight to the point.

    5. This self-censored creation.

    6. This cartoonish nightmare that will forever haunt your dreams.

    The World's worst Simpsons related graffiti..."Don't have a car mate".

    7. This PG adaptation of a N.W.A classic.

    8. This short and to the point movie review.

    9. This one too.

    10. And not forgetting this review of an actor's overall performance.

    11. This ode to ducks.

    The worst #graffiti tag ever? Seeing as we're going to sell slow braised duck though, may as well use the PR.

    12. This 'artist' who used the wrong medium.

    13. This confused message tacked on to a billboard.

    Probably either the best or worst graffiti I've ever seen

    14. This important dietary advice.

    15. Which makes the perfect companion piece to this.

    16. This rare piece of honesty.

    17. This, quite frankly, great advice.

    Though the giraffe looks like it disagrees.

    18. This message of peace accompanied by a Mercedes logo.

    Pact graffiti at its worst... #pactkids

    19. This amputated ghost of an alien.

    20. This love note to dairy.

    21. This self-critical work of reflection.

    22. This message which the artist probably should have listened to.

    23. This note that gets to the heart of the art vs. vandalism debate.

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