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23 Pieces Of Graffiti That Definitely Weren't Done By Banksy

This lot should probably just stick to painting on canvas.

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3. This demon tiger/alligator hybrid.

I hate anatomically incorrect graffiti and this is the worst #hobart #marsupial #ballsinfrontofdick

6. This cartoonish nightmare that will forever haunt your dreams.

The World's worst Simpsons related graffiti..."Don't have a car mate".


11. This ode to ducks.

The worst #graffiti tag ever? Seeing as we're going to sell slow braised duck though, may as well use the PR.


13. This confused message tacked on to a billboard.

Probably either the best or worst graffiti I've ever seen


18. This message of peace accompanied by a Mercedes logo.

Pact graffiti at its worst... #pactkids

19. This amputated ghost of an alien.

22. This message which the artist probably should have listened to.


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