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18 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Great, Guess I'm Never Using The Toilet Again"

I'm genuinely sorry for what you're about to see.

1. This frog-filled toilet that happened after a flood.

2. This toilet paper imprinted with a wasp who flew into it during during production.

3. This toilet paper dispenser that's housing a hidden guest.

4. And this unwelcome visitor.

5. This very public bathroom with a mirrored ceiling.

6. This low-budget replacement toilet seat.

7. This severely clogged up toilet.

8. And this toilet mishap that's spread to the shower.

9. This really strange toilet arrangement.

10. This transparent toilet paper that looks like it could disintegrate in a light breeze.

11. This reason why you should always be cautious before using a toilet in Australia.

12. This person who has a lot of faith in the cleanliness of this public restroom.

13. This puddle of bubbling, possibly sentient goo.

14. This horribly misused toilet brush.

15. This lil' swimmer who just wants to say hello.

16. And this lil' swimmer saying goodbye.

17. This photo that raises more questions than it answers.

18. And finally, whatever the hell this is.

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