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    21 High School Pictures That Will Give You Serious Nightmares

    Don't look at the last image. Seriously.

    1. Sitting on the white parts of the bench, which felt worse than sitting on a knife.

    2. Gigantic maths books which made it feel like you were carrying a bag of rocks to school each day.

    3. Using these gym mats that were somehow harder than the damn floor.

    Michaklootwijk / Getty Images

    4. Learning this classic equation which was way more important than learning stuff you actually need to know as an adult.


    5. When the P.E teacher was dressed like this and had the nerve to tell you it's not cold outside.

    Furtaev / Getty Images

    6. Seeing the cones laid out for the bleep test and wishing you'd faked your own death that day.

    7. Having to see this shady looking guy nearly every day.

    What's he hiding behind that oversized book, sunglasses and baseball cap?

    8. Waiting the longest minute of your life for the Tipp-Ex to dry.

    9. And then painting your nails while you waited.

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    Which never ended up looking as good as you thought they would.

    10. When you made the mistake of letting others know you had chewing gum.

    Twitter: @kayyhaughton

    Goodbye chewing gum.

    11. Arriving late to the canteen and seeing that all the edible food had already gone.

    Jamroen / Getty Images

    Anyone for rice with rice?

    12. Arriving late on your first day, seeing the back of the class already full and knowing you'd have to spend the rest of the year being uncool.

    Viktor Aa!p / Getty Images

    13. Realising you've left the gas tap on and after playing with it and getting scared that the whole school might blow up.

    14. The almost impossible task of trying to fit your head into one of these.

    Dilek Senuguz Bas / Getty Images

    15. Someone causing absolute chaos by turning the lights off in the changing rooms.

    Flickr: 95072945@N05 / Creative Commons

    16. Wrecking your shoes in less than six weeks from playing football on concrete.

    17. Laughing at how big the backpacks of first year students are and then cringing when you remember that you once looked the same.

    18. When half the boys in your class had a 'mustache' like this.

    19. The three worst words in the English language.

    AQA / BuzzFeed

    There was no bluffing your way through this one.

    20. Having to retrieve this brick from the bottom of the swimming pool while wearing a t-shirt and for a brief moment thinking you'd drown.

    21. This.

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