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    21 Things '00s Emos Haven't Thought About In Years

    Thank you Myspace for teaching me HTML.

    1. Playing your music in front of your non-emo friends and/or family and realising how different your tastes are.

    when your friend hands you the aux cord and you start playing early 2000s emo music

    2. Finding it nearly impossible to take your jeans off after a long day.

    3. Owning clothing in every conceivable shade of black.

    When people think you wear the same black leggings everyday 😏

    4. And struggling to find the right shade of black trousers to match your black top.

    5. Buying new Converse only to immediately graffiti them with song lyrics written in marker pen.

    6. Breaking your way through dozens of eyeliner pens through the year.

    7. And being told that you look better without eyeliner.

    'You look better without eyeliner'

    8. Only having black clothes to wear when the sun's out.

    when the weather starts getting nice but the only outfits you look good in are all black

    9. Keeping hundreds of copies of Kerrang! magazine under your bed.

    10. And covering your walls with the posters pulled out from the magazine.

    11. Sleeping awkwardly and having to deal with untameable hair the next morning.

    12. Always wanting tattoos and piercings that your parents wouldn't let you get.

    13. Forgetting to wear gloves when dyeing your hair.

    14. And getting hair dye all over the bathroom sink and towels.

    15. Allowing your fringe to grow a little out of control.

    16. Losing a stud and subsequently having to get creative by removing more studs to create a pattern

    17. Spending hours learning HTML so you could create the perfect Myspace profile.

    18. And spending even longer trying to get the perfect Myspace pic.

    19. Having your perfect hairstyle be ruined by one solitary gust of wind.

    Having emo hair is all fun and games til you go outside and the wind hits u

    20. Owning at least one bedroom item with Jack Skellington on it.

    21. And finally, still reverting back to your inner-emo at the drop of a song.

    Me: Thank god I've grown out of my old music tastes *Panic! At the Disco starts playing* Me: