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23 Pictures That Won't Make Sense To Anyone Under 5-Foot-9

Attempting a normal, non-awkward hug.

1. Buying a new shirt:

2. Or any new clothing:

3. When you're out with friends:

4. Using a hotel shower:

5. Or any kind of bath:

6. When someone asks "what's the weather like up there?":

7. When someone suggests you could be a model, based purely on your height:

8. Going for a normal, non-awkward hug:

9. Using the mirror in some bathrooms:

10. And having to pull off this pose to get a mirror selfie:

11. Sitting on a plane:

12. Sitting on a bus:

13. And sitting in a car:

14. Hell, even sitting at a desk:

15. Choosing to wear high heels:

16. The struggle of low ceilings:

17. Walking alongside a short friend:

18. Knowing your place is at the back of a group photo:

19. Stretching out in bed:

20. Walking in a sea of umbrellas:

21. Walking alongside a short person holding an umbrella:

22. Using an ATM:

23. When a friend tries to take a selfie with you: