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22 Photos That Prove Britain Is A Fictional Country

What kind of a country would want to fuck bread?

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1. In a real country, rivalries based on tea brands would be ludicrous.

2. No actual country would sell crisps this posh.

3. Or consider chocolate ├ęclairs to be essential.

4. People like this simply don't exist in the real world.


5. No country would be this shameless with puns.

6. Sitcom plots aren't real, sitcom plots are fiction.

7. In a real county, people would evacuate to dry ground during a flood.

8. A real country probably wouldn't sexualise bread.

9. This shouldn't be news.

10. And, for different reasons, this definitely shouldn't be.

11. What true nation would abandon mugs?

12. Street names shouldn't be begging for graffiti.

13. And when graffiti is called for, it shouldn't result in concussions.

14. Talking otters are not something that should exist.

15. Potato/human friendships definitley don't happen in real countries.

16. And this is not a real reason for train delays.

17. This is not a real problem that happens to real people.

18. Neko Atsume is not real life.

19. Allegations of political corruption shouldn't sound like the plot of a cartoon.

20. This is not a police department that should exist.

21. The only place animals should be news pundits is Narnia.


22. And this sign shouldn't be needed. At least not in a real country.

In closing: There's no way possible that Britain is actually a real goddamn country.

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