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27 Ways Americans Have Completely Ruined Food

No food deserves this.

1. This questionable casserole.

2. This interesting approach to sushi.

3. The "taco blizzard".

4. This way of eating a bagel.

5. These weirdly named crackers.

6. This deep-fried dollar bill.

7. And this deep-fried Big Mac.

8. Cheese. In. A. Can.

9. This interpretation of breakfast.

10. Literally none of this makes sense to a non-American.

11. This totally necessary invention.

12. These chocolate covered crisps.

13. And these ones in chicken and waffle flavour.

14. This American's attempt at making roast chicken with Yorkshire pudding.

15. This batch of deep-fried instant noodles.

16. All of this.

17. This super-sized Snickers bar.

18. This deal advertised on a monster truck, because why not?

19. This sculpted butter.

20. This disturbing claw machine.

21. This homemade tomato soup.

22. And this readily available burger soup.

23. This sunscreen that allows you to smell like cooked chicken.

24. This cheese-topped pizza.

25. This feast served up in a baseball cap.

26. This cheese with more cheese.

27. And this spaghetti grilled cheese sandwich.