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23 Pictures That Are Way, Way Too Real For Former Emo Kids

Why was band merchandise so damn expensive?

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1. The struggle of trying to take off your jeans after a long day.

2. Trying to find the right shade of black trousers to match your black top.

It's amazing just how many shades of black there actually are.

3. Losing a stud and subsequently ruining your belt.

Time to get creative and remove each alternate stud to create a pattern.

4. The importance of your hair looking fly AF, ALL THE TIME.

5. The emotional pain of eyeliner breaking.

6. And the physical pain of using a blunt eyeliner pencil.

7. When you played your favourite music in front of your non-emo friends or family.

8. Getting something in your eye and not wanting to smudge your make-up.

9. And when you did forget:

10. When people felt the need to criticise your clothing choices.

11. And challenge the amount of make-up you were wearing.

12. Especially when they used this classic line:

13. When your eyeliner would run out when you were in the middle of using it.

14. The very real struggle that came with summer.

15. When your fringe got a little too out of control.

16. Spending way too much money on band merchandise.

17. When you slept awkwardly and your fringe became an untameable monster.

18. And when your hair was looking perfect, one gust of wind could ruin it all.

Wind is an emo's natural enemy.

19. Spending hours learning HTML so you could create the perfect Myspace profile.

20. And spending even longer trying to get the perfect Myspace pic.

21. Forgetting to wear gloves during your bi-monthly hair dyeing.

22. And getting hair dye all over the bathroom, making it look like a crime scene.

Not to mention the number of towels you ended up staining.

23. And finally, wanting tattoos and piercings that your parents wouldn't let you get.

Which, come to think of it, was probably a good thing. You'd probably be regretting a heartagram neck tattoo right about now.