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    34 Pictures That Will Annoy The Hell Out Of All British People

    The devil is real and he lives inside these photos.

    1. This sandwich deception.

    2. This stamp book that's had its stamps peeled off in a chaotic order.

    3. This Morning not being hosted by Holly and Phil.

    4. These Chewits with the wrapper stuck to the outside.

    @Chewits imagine my dismay at going back to my childhood only to find every sweet's wrapper is stuck to it. 😢

    5. This wrap with something to hide.

    6. This all-too-common yoghurt problem.

    7. This barrier to your toilet needs.

    New toilets in #Leeds Bus Station after 3 month refurbishment, it'll cost you 20p to use them now. Really classy mo…

    8. This now impossible-to-open milk.

    9. This crumb-filled butter tub.


    10. This substitute for your train journey.

    11. This failed biscuit dunking.

    Dropped a biscuit in my tea, tried to rescue it with another biscuit. Then the rescue biscuit fell in too.

    12. This 99 that goes against its very name.

    13. This sad excuse for a cup of tea.

    14. This teabag that's just been abandoned in the sink.

    Tea Drinkers of the World: what’s with the putting the tea bag in the sink instead of the bin thing?

    15. This public transport user taking up FOUR seats.

    16. This evolution of the Quality Street tin.

    The grim, distressing and crippling reality of #Christmas in 2015.

    17. This super-foamy beer.

    18. This Celebrations tub with only the leftovers.

    19. This sad-looking cheese-on-toast.

    20. This vandalised Müller Corner.

    what fat gimp in ma fuckin family did this

    21. This bane of every shopping trip.

    22. This cheese packet that's been opened by the devil himself.

    23. This cereal packet with an annoying tear.

    24. This empty bottle of milk that's been put back in the fridge.

    25. This person leaning against a hand rail.

    26. This absolute disaster.

    27. This bargain of the century.

    28. This lack of leg space.

    29. This so-called Sunday dinner.

    30. This packet of air.

    31. This interesting way of eating a Babybel.

    @HunterWilliss just ate the wax on a babybel

    32. This scheduling fuck-up.

    33. This supermarket substitution.

    34. And this photo of Ant and Dec standing in the wrong order.