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22 Products The World Never Asked For

No one asked for these things.

1. This pasta with an app.

Why does my pasta need an app I hate 2017

Twitter: @mcwm

2. These condiments for dogs.

3. This alcohol-free vodka.

4. This cup holder that looks like a dildo.

5. This book of YouTube videos.

6. This Sonic Glamglow.

7. This Minions cereal.

8. This creepy iPad stand.

9. This Shrek face mask.

10. This diet water.

11. This T-shirt featuring the entire script of Jack and Jill.

12. This book on cat hair crafting.

13. This canned chicken.

14. This air from a Kanye West concert.

15. This hairbrush/iPhone holder.

16. These pills that allows you to shit glitter.

17. This hot dog slicer.

18. This gendered Pritt Stick.

19. This iPotty.

20. This Justin Bieber Duck Tape.

21. These chapsticks.

22. And finally, these morph suits complete with giant dong.