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21 People Who Need To Get The Hell Out Of The Kitchen

Seriously, keep these people away from sharp objects.

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1. This guy who struggled to tell the difference between human and dog food.

2. This person who overcooked the spaghetti a little.

3. Seriously, spaghetti isn't that hard to cook.

4. The person who decided to go all Great Escape and tunnel their way into this peanut butter.

5. And this person who thought the best way into a can was with a bread knife.

6. This girl who sacrificed a tortilla wrap for a Twitter joke.

RIP tortilla wrap.
Twitter: @savannimalz

RIP tortilla wrap.

7. The chef who allowed a goddamn lobster to take control of the kitchen.

8. Seriously, careless chefs are putting us all at risk of a crustacean uprising.

9. The monster who did this.

10. And the passive-aggressive sadist who did this.

11. Whoever committed this crime of cooking a pizza upside-down.

12. And this guy, who decided to skip the cooking process altogether.

13. This dad cooking on a hoverboard like it's NBD.

14. THIS is what happens when you allow hoverboards into the kitchen.

15. Whoever thought this was a good way to boil broccoli.

16. The person who needed this cooking advice.

17. The author of this cookbook.

18. This work colleague who has zero chill.

19. The person responsible for this "cake in a cup".

20. Whoever thought this was an acceptable way to serve a milkshake.

21. And finally this person, who should probably never be allowed within a hundred-mile radius of civilisation.