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19 People Who Failed So Hard At Twitter They Almost Won

Step away from the tweet.

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1. This eager customer who got confused by a pizza.

2. This time-confused tweeter.

3. This guy who just learnt the hard way to never share voucher codes online.

4. This U.S. citizen who might want to check a map before applying for a passport.

5. All of these people who need a serious lesson in geology.

6. This anti-capitalist iPhone fan who may want to reconsider her stance.

7. This Twitter user who needs to start looking elsewhere for tech support.

8. This history account that might want to look up if tanks existed during the Civil War.

9. This lady who must be left feeling pretty damn awkward.

10. This tweeter who seems kind of confused by the concept of surviving.


11. This link sharing sports reporter who just committed a faux pas straight out of everyone's worst nightmare.

12. This oversharing debit card owner who really needs to be taught about credit card fraud.

13. This person who most definitely isn't going to be a bartender.

14. This guy who should really check he's insulting the right people.

15. This person who just got a lesson in drug use.

16. This tweeter who hopefully never has triplets.

17. These protesters who should really research what they're fighting against.

18. This person who is clearly not a fan of Jurassic Park.

19. And finally, Donald Trump.