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    British People Are Right: Beans On Toast Is The Best Meal

    The real iconic duo.

    To the rest of the world beans on toast is an abomination.

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    They can't wrap their minds around the concept of beans in a tomato sauce beautifully draped over some buttery toast.

    But to the average British person, it's a CLASSIC. And for good reason.

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    For starters, it's such a simple, easy to make meal.

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    There's literally only TWO ingredients: Beans and, you guessed it, toast.

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    And it takes LESS THAN five minutes to make.

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    It takes Jamie Oliver 30 minutes to cook his dinner, and he's a professional kitchen wizard.

    But hey, if you want to be a little fancy you can cook the beans in a pan.

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    Some people might argue that it's a basic meal, for basic people, but look how wrong they are:

    There's the variety of presentation.

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    Fully covered, half on/half off, on the side etc.

    And if you're feeling extra cheeky you can add a little cheese.

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    Beans on toast is art.

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    Look at the way this butter melts into the fluffy, but not too fluffy, toast.

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    And check out the way the light glistens off this rich, tomatoey sauce.

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    This is the sight that greets you at the gate's of Heaven.

    Seriously, what other meal can you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner???

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    The answer is none.

    Beans on toast is always there for you. Always.

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