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Posted on Dec 12, 2017

24 Absurd Things Restaurants Used Instead Of Plates In 2017

The only thing these people wanted was a plate. H/T @WeWantPlates

1. This guy who had his ravioli served up like laundry.

Just how I like my ravioli starter. On a miniature washing line. #azerbaijan #plates #food

2. This holiday maker who was forced to go on a treasure hunt.

3. And this breakfast eater who had to dig their food out of a mason jar.

4. Whoever was served this gourmet meal on a flip-flop.

5. This customer who had their salad entombed in a wine glass.

6. This diner whose fries were in season.

I love this time of year when the fries are in full bloom

7. This person who might have been mistake for a mouse.

8. This customer who probably didn't feel like drinking his beans.

9. This diner who had nachos served on tap.

10. This girl whose food came straight out of the kitchen.

You know you're in a hipster spot when your food is served in a frying pan

11. This customer who thankfully didn't ask for custard with her apple crumble.

In cafe with my mum this morning and she asked for a slice of apple crumble. But why though? (@WeWantPlates)

12. This person who was served their meal on an actual antler.

13. This girl who was given a health and safety hazard.

Just give me a fucking plate. Not a board with a hole in it and a half broken wine glass @WeWantPlates

14. This customer whose ice cream came in a glass prison.

@WeWantPlates ice cream on a pile of crumbs, at the 1K in Paris

15. This guy who had to become his own plate.

16. This man who was given a mac and cheese nightmare.

@WeWantPlates Half a pint of mac and cheese please, barkeep. On a saucer not functioning as a plate yes please. And…

17. This customer who received an industrial egg.

Blue cheese custard served in eggshell balanced on major central heating pipework. #peakLondon #foodwanquerie

18. This guy who had to eat out of a shoe.

Food served in a shoe, you call that sole food

19. This person whose food was delivered in a crate.

20. This guy who had to dial for his sandwich.

For the attention of @WeWantPlates. Sandwich in a horrible unwieldy phone booth (Salem, Tamil Nadu)

21. This bacon lover who had to wait for her food to dry.

This is a "Candied Bacon Clothesline" appetizer at Trump International Hotel in DC. 😂

22. This person who was served a mixed grill on a shovel.

23. This art connoisseur whose food came ready framed.

24. And this guy who was served chicken tikka on a flight of stairs.

@WeWantPlates chicken tikka on a miniature stairwell (chutney in cupboard) @TouristJanpath New Delhi, India

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