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16 People Who Don't Need Your Damn Validation

They know who to trust.

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1. This guy, who knows who he can really depend on.

The only person who can catch myself when im slipping is me

2. Sometimes the only person who can pick you back up is yourself.

If you're ever feeling down, just pick yourself up

3. You've got to watch your own back in this dog-eat-dog world.

4. This guy, who has no need for a sexual partner.

I dont trust these hoes, so i ride my own dick

5. Or this guy.

Don't trust these hoes so I suck my own dick

6. You've just got to learn to love yourself.

7. This man, who has no time for ghosts from the past.

8. Sometimes there's only one person worth calling.

I don't trust any hoe so the only person I FaceTime is myself

9. This guy, who's taken up the roles of both good and evil.

10. There's nothing worse than failing yourself.

11. This guy has no room for false idols.

12. Life lesson: Trust no one.

13. Especially not yourself.

Trust Nobody, Not Even Yourself. Part 2

14. Because you never know what you're really thinking.

15. But most importantly, remember to never let anyone drag you down.

16. Oh, and Michael Cera. He knows what's up.