24 People Who Deserve An "A" For Effort, But An "F" For Execution

    Sometimes there's no point even trying.

    1. This AAA driver who tried to help out a customer.

    2. The photographer who tried to improve her photos.

    3. These parents who tried to raise their daughter's self esteem.

    when I was 16 my parents commissioned my grandad to paint a portrait of me to raise my self esteem. It did not.

    4. This grandmother who wanted to offer her grandchild a bowl over Facebook.

    5. This boyfriend who thought he came up with the perfect romantic gesture.

    6. This dad who tried to show his love on Valentine's day.

    7. This ~children's~ dental clinic that tried to spread a ~positive~ message.

    8. This guy who was just trying to keep fit.

    9. This girl who showed the wrong photo to security.

    So they changed my gate in my layover and I ask the employee what the gate changed too. I showed her my screenshott… https://t.co/9cYeJ35z8y

    10. This mum who thought her dog needed a makeover.

    My mom just RUINED my dog and she literally said "he wanted to keep it long on the top" I am devastated

    11. This girl who caused an airport security incident.

    In the airport security line and I see someone wearing a Texas Tech hoodie and I look at them and do the gun hand s… https://t.co/XJLcUwpOwb

    12. This kid who gave a very real answer to a teacher's riddle.

    The first guess from one of my 1st graders was “death” and such an awed, somber, reflective hush fell over the clas… https://t.co/gP4YmJkvTY

    13. This boyfriend who thought he was placing a gift under the tree.

    my boyfriend found a pad in my room & thought it was a present so he put it under my christmas tree

    14. This girl who got the wrong signals from her dentist.

    SCREAMING, just hugged my dentist thinking he was going in for one but really he was just taking off my dental bib.… https://t.co/mpoQveUSNf

    15. This dad who wanted a nice birthday cake for his son.

    16. And this parent who thought they could use an alternative to cooking oil.

    17. This guy who got a little distracted during sex.

    one time i had sex while watching zootopia for the first time and she got mad because i kept looking at the movie l… https://t.co/Gx3IaEhjQw

    18. This kid who though he could cover up the scene of a crime.

    19. This student who though that giving up social media would help with her grades.

    I'M BACK. Idk if y'all knew I left. But I deleted Twitter and insta to study for my final and I got a 48. So never doing that again 🙂

    20. This vending machine customer who tried to knock out a free snack.

    21. This kid who tried to say goodbye.

    My friend's toddler babbled "don't forget to subscribe" as he was put to bed. Kid watches so much YouTube he thought it means "goodbye"

    22. This sunbather who fell asleep while eating.

    Never sleep outside with cereal guys xxxxx

    23. This amateur baker who tried to make a volcano cake.

    24. And this girl who was psyching herself up for a date.

    My roommate went on a bumble date and was nervous so decided to pound shots in her car once she got to the place th… https://t.co/JYz9YISSeD