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    16 People Who Really Struggled In The Summer

    Summer is cancelled.

    1. This girl who made a painful fashion mistake.

    2. This guy who was forced to improvise after running out of glasses.

    can’t find no cups in my house😡

    3. And this person who came up with some makeshift ice.

    4. This driver who went to extreme measures to block out the sun.

    5. The person who bought this giant inflatable beach ball.

    6. This girl who received a visit from a surprise guest.

    a bird landed on my girlfriends head

    7. This guy who learnt about the importance of evenly applying sun screen.

    8. This girl who was almost drowned by her sister's dog.

    Well it was a nice lake day until my dog nearly drowned my sister

    9. This customer who forgot to check the size before ordering.

    10. This guy who won't be going on his summer vacation anytime soon.

    11. This person who tried to make a fruity cocktail and failed miserably.

    12. This girl who fell asleep in the sun while eating.

    Never sleep outside with cereal guys xxxxx

    13. This tourist who took too long eating their ice cream.

    14. This guy who couldn't handle the heat.

    15. This girl who created her own alternative to air conditioning.

    16. And finally, this person who wanted to reschedule the sun.