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24 People Who Failed The Fuck Out Of Social Media In 2015

It's been another great year for social media fuck ups.

1. Everyone who got confused by the dawn of a new year.

2. This amateur detective who noticed an eerie resemblance between Dwayne Johnson and The Rock.

3. This concerned Facebook friend.

4. This man who taunted police via Facebook, and was quickly arrested.

5. This now unemployed Twitter user.

6. This potential emigrant who really needs to brush up on their geography.

7. Everyone who said they were moving to Canada after the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of marriage equality.


8. And this genius, who mistook the age-old NBC logo for a new one.

9. This person who failed to recognise a classic song.

10. And this poetical Facebook poster.

11. This comrade who's fully committed to the cause.

12. This parent who probably shouldn't be homeschooling.

13. This time confused tweeter, who's having difficulty with the years.

14. And this Facebook user who's struggling with the hours.

15. This expectant mother who's unclear on the subtleties of announcements.

16. 50 Shades of Grey author E.L. James, who held an ill-advised Q&A session on Twitter.

17. This Facebook user who needed directions to the goddamn sun.

18. This birthday well-wisher who's just a little too late.

19. Sky News reporter Kay Burley, who found empathy within a dog.

20. And all the people who thought #PrayForParis was a hashtag related to Paris Hilton.

21. This Snapchat user who needs to get their dictionary out.

22. This person asking the wrong question.

23. This extremely confused vegan.

24. And finally, the million-and-one Twitter accounts who scheduled their Happy New Year tweets a day early.

Ending 2015 with a fail.

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