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18 People Who Didn't Get What They Expected In 2018

A reminder to always read the reviews.

1. This guy who ordered a new set of teeth from the internet:

That’s what ya get for ordering veneers online 😭😭😂😂 can’t cope

2. And this dad who thought he could fix his smile with one simple purchase:

My dad tried ordering fake teeth online to improve his smile, description said they promised it would.......well

3. This cosplayer whose Deadpool costume didn't arrive as advertised:

4. This shopper who chose the wrong baker:

5. This girl who was expecting a larger sample:

6. This pet owner who thought he'd found the perfect costume for his dog:

7. This person whose art print looked a little different from the online photo:

8. And this guy who ordered an art print without noticing the wave of dogs:

9. This guy who just wanted a nice snack:

my bf ordered an egg and cheese bagel and the guy gave him a hard boiled egg on cream cheese help what’s the number for 911 https://t.co/TPFMqkuATB

10. This person who was fooled by a "giant" ball pit:

11. This girl who made the mistake of letting her dad buy her clothes:

told my dad to get me a small & if they were out to get the next size up.......apparently all they had was a 3X and somewhere in my dads mind he thought this was ok....I should call the police.... https://t.co/vfmWMTtKEb

12. And this girl whose coat looked a little puffier than she expected it to:

Thank you @UrbanOutfitters it’s exactly like I imagined x

13. This person whose mother was expecting to receive a nice family photo:

14. This guy who received the wrong order:

Ayy @ASOS (I might be wrong) but, I’m pretty sure you’ve sent me the wrong order...

15. And this guy who looked nothing like the model:

so i ordered this hoping to look like him but i really just look like a gay priest. just thought i’d share in case you’re in need of a good laugh https://t.co/v1Vy6xnPkQ

16. This shopper who learnt the hard way that you should always double-check the size:

17. This girl whose sunglasses were a little smaller than anticipated:

Can't get over this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

18. This dog owner who got an unpleasant surprise when she picked up her dog from the groomer:

19. And this poor dog owner who also received a nasty shock:

Groomer took my dog from loveable teddy bear to sewer rat on heroin