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17 People Who Did Not Get The Food They Were Expecting

Oh no.

1. Pizza ordered through an app:

My mom used the dominos app for the first time and forgot to get sauce and cheese. Dead

2. A cheese burger:

3. A gluten-free plane meal:

4. A vegan meal:

5. Some Brussels sprouts:

Incredible scenes as the Xmas food delivery arrives, my mum has managed to order a single sprout.

6. Fries with an anchovy dressing:

7. Pineapple pizza:


8. Takeout milkshake:

Just ordered a milkshake and this fucking turned up 😂😂😂 wit the actual fuck am a meant to do with that

9. A SpongeBob ice cream:

10. Some actual food:

my boyfriend asked me what i wanted to eat & i said i don't know & this what he brings me. 🙄

11. A cup full of candy:

12. Some peaches:

My mom told her bf to get her some peaches on the way home & he brought her someone's tree 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

13. A pizza burger:

14. A chicken sandwich:

15. Pepperoni pizza:

16. A picture cake:

17. A glass of ice and a side dish of guacamole: