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21 People Who 100% Did Not Meet A Celebrity

Not every ginger man in a checked shirt is Ed Sheeran.

1. These girls who definitely didn't just meet Peter Dinklage.

2. This fan who is going to be bitterly disappointed when he checks his Twitter feed.

3. This girl who has 100% not just met Calvin Harris.

4. These guys who need their #TrueFan memberships revoked.

5. And this girl who should probably get her eyes tested.

This kid knows how to take an opportunity and run with it

6. These girls who just fed some random guy a hotdog.

7. This man who's just met one of the many blonde women who aren't actually Reese Witherspoon.

8. This guy who's just befriended some random man on the street, and not Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin.

9. And this guy getting acquainted with a non-famous stranger at the bar.

10. This woman who to be fair has just met a pretty good Barack Obama lookalike.

11. And this girl who's met a not-very-good Bruno Mars lookalike.

12. This guy who thinks he's just met Wolverine.

13. And this one who thinks he's just met Spider-Man.

14. These people who should probably hold off on dying.

15. Seriously, does no one know what Bill Murray looks like?!

16. This guy on a night out with a goth.

17. These Drake fans who are about to receive some bad news.

Got some bad news RT @BlominiRicann: Me and my girl met Drake last night 😍😩

18. This Facebook user who "No freakin' way!!" met Hank from Breaking Bad.

19. This Instagram user who had not just bumped into Usher.

20. This man who really needs to pay more attention when watching Orange Is the New Black.

21. And finally, this curry house which hopefully didn't let "Ryan Gosling" eat for free.

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