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    21 People Who Under No Circumstance Should Ever Be Trusted In A Kitchen

    Never let any of these people near a hot stove.

    1. This roommate who ruined the stove:

    In case you ever think your roommate is dumb... let me one up you

    2. This person who had a trying time with an egg:

    3. This person who almost took the whole house down:

    4. This person who doesn't know what a mango looks like:

    5. This guy who should have done a better job reading the label:

    6. The chef who only had one vegan alternative for a birthday cake:

    i went out for my birthday and i’m vegan so they gave me a single slice of banana instead of cake

    7. The person who took a new approach to eating peanut butter:

    8. And this person who struggled without a can opener.

    9. This tenant who forgot to close the lid:

    So my tenant has had some issues with his nutri bullet this morning...😂 @eabanter

    10. This pizza maker who didn't know up from down:

    11. This person who probably should have sliced their broccoli:

    12. The person who thought this was an acceptable way to make "nachos":

    13. This person who asked an unnecessary question:

    14. This colleague who took pettiness to a whole new level:

    15. And this colleague who had the audacity to make this abomination:

    I've seen some things in my time on Facebook, some deprived things, blokes getting shot, animal cruelty and obviously ugly children.. but a quality street tin - filled to the brim with tuna pasta, is quite frankly where I draw the line

    16. This flatmate who wasn't feeling too hungry:

    which one of my flatmates is cooking a single chicken nugget ... i cba

    17. And this roommate who thought his problems would sort themselves out:

    One of my roommates broke a bowl in half and then just put it back in the cupboard like it was gonna sleep it off

    18. This person who royally messed-up making a cake in a cup:

    19. The person who thought this was an acceptable way to serve a milkshake:

    20. This baker who struggled to understand how fractions work:

    21. And finally, this dad who just gave up completely: