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    Just 19 People Who Are Really Goddamn Smart

    Give these guys a medal.

    1. This driver who manages to make a license plate fun.

    2. This family who didn't want the photographer to feel left out.

    3. This revolutionary genius who turned stepping on Lego INTO A POSITIVE.

    Next time I step on Lego, I will simply get taller. I'm a bloody genius.

    4. This previously tong-less pioneer of improvised kitchen tools.

    5. This future philosopher who thinks outside the box.

    6. This kid who made a homemade viewing device.

    7. This mum who hid her snacks where they wouldn't be found.

    Ma maw knows a hate shreddies, n she's been hidin the scran in here for fkn ages wit a snake

    8. This restaurant owner who cleverly hid their B-rating.

    9. This inventor who is basically the Da Vinci of the graffiti world.

    10. This real American hero 🇺🇸 .

    11. The person who came up with a solution for dealing with a cold toilet seat.

    12. This photographer who had the perfect background solution.

    13. This Christmas improviser.

    14. This pet owner who improvised the perfect costume.

    15. This person who didn't want to wait for their soup to cool down.

    16. This person who came up with a cheaper alternative to tattoo removal.

    17. This Netflix user who will no longer have to deal with the consequences of their drunken streaming habits.

    18. This person who brilliantly covered-up the hole in their sock.

    19. And finally, this mastermind who improvised a bin out of a stool.