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    16 People Who Are Already Conquering 2018

    There's still some positivity out there.

    1. This office worker who came up with the perfect hack for getting the year right.

    2. This husband who continues to show his ever-growing love.

    3. This pet owner who found an alternative use for an unwanted sex toy.

    4. This guy who made amends with an old enemy.

    Over a year ago, I threatened you out of anger over the death of a lost one. A death that you were not responsible…

    5. This daughter whose dad built her the perfect mirror.

    my dad built me a vanity and I am so in love with it 😭

    6. This man in a dinosaur suit, conducting an orchestra.

    My entire life has led to this moment... T-Rex conducting the Jurassic Park theme song. 😭❤😂😂😂

    7. The pizza company employee who came up with a creative insult.

    8. This girl who rose from the dead.

    a girl passed out at the party im at and was out for a solid hour or so and then we started playing africa and she…

    9. This guy who improved the hell out of a giraffe painting.

    10. This airline passenger who had the whole flight to herself.

    11. This guy who found a use for old Christmas cards.

    12. This brother who brought home some new family members.

    13. This girl who played the perfect prank on a guy texting her.

    im prankin this guy as if im sending nudes but in literally typing “Attachment: 1 Image”

    14. This guy who wasn't about to let his drink go to waste.

    Saw my ex working at McDonalds and she spit in my drink, acting like I'd be disgusted LMAOOO bitch I ate your ass t…

    15. This dog owner who made a racecourse in his backyard.

    Desperate times. Had to shovel a formula 1 track through the back yard for the greyhounds.

    16. And this dad who came up with the most romantic gesture for his wife.

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