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    14 Photos Of People Who Absolutely Cannot Be Trusted

    Nope, this is not OK.

    1. Under no circumstance should this person be trusted.

    2. Whoever made this should never be allowed near a teabag again.

    3. Just look at this monstrosity.

    4. How could any reasonable human think that this is OK?

    5. Someone call the police because this is a goddamn crime.

    6. The devil is real and this is his handiwork.

    7. At this point it's not even tea anymore, just a warm cup of milk.

    8. Seriously, why tease a teabag in this way?

    9. Such an iconic mug like the one below does not deserve to be abused in this way.

    10. Surely this tea was made as an act of sarcasm?

    11. Imagine someone asking if you want a cup of tea and then handing you this.

    12. "To live is to suffer." – Friedrich Nietzsche

    13. This is an insult to tea lovers everywhere.

    14. What did tea ever do to these people?

    In conclusion: