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17 Awkward Situations Everyone Faces During Summer

So much sweat.

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1. Knowing whether or not it's appropriate weather to get your knees out.

CBS Television / Daniel Dalton

You decide to get your legs out and you'll be the only one. You choose to wait it out and everyone else will be in shorts or skirts, silently mocking you. Life.


6. Having to dress differently from how you feel most comfortable.

Goodbye comfortable sweatshirts and stylish looking coats. Hello plain, boring tops.


10. Feeling like you have to make the most of the weather.

20th Television

Feel like staying inside and chilling with Netflix? Bad luck, because the sun's out and you HAVE to enjoy it. It's the law or something.

11. Having to drink outside, where it's so damn crowded.

There's nothing like a nice cold pint with a side order of stranger's elbow poking into your ribs.

12. Being concerned that you're the source of that stench of B.O.

*stealthily smells armpits*


15. Sitting on a leather surface and having to peel yourself off.

It's not summer until your legs stick to your leather seats

Leather + bare thighs = NO

17. Sitting or leaning against an object and leaving a sweat stain behind.

There's better ways of leaving a lasting impression.