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17 Painful Struggles You'll Only Experience Travelling Via Arriva Trains

Beautiful scenery, luxury seating, and first class service. Kind of.

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1. Gifts welcoming you on the magical journey you're about to take.

2. Up-to-date train carriages, ready to escort you in style.

3. And offer you external entertainment.

4. A cordoned off area for first class customers.

5. But on Arriva, all class is first class!

6. Plenty of seating space.

I'm 6ft tall which I don't think is that rare! But look how much space I have on #arrivatrains !

7. And on the rare occasions that there's nowhere to sit. there's plenty of standing space too.

8. The chance to really get to know your fellow passengers.

9. Modern artwork that will make you feel like you're in the Tate.

Arriva Trains Wales... Home to the most stunning vector artwork... And here we have a castle...

10. Not to mention the stylish, modern decor.

11. Carriages heated to optimum temperatures.

This is how cold the train journey was #ArrivaTrains @ArrivaTW ❄️ #Freezing

12. Scenic views that look straight out of a movie.

13. Move over, Hogwarts Express.

14. Well lit coaches that bring with them a feeling of safety.

15. Even celebrities aren't immune to the charm of traveling via Arriva!

Arriva Trains SMALL coffee costs £2.80..HOW MUCH?!!Bloody Nora

16. Plenty of reading material to keep you entertained on your journey.

17. And finally, punctuality – ensuring that everyone gets to experience all the sensations Arriva has to offer.

Arriva trains can happily do one today. Making me late for work again.