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    27 Nostalgic Items Of Technology You Probably Haven't Thought About In Years

    I can still smell the inside of a freshly opened VHS case.

    1. This old PC set up, complete with Space Cadet Pinball:

    2. This Sony Walkman that allowed you to take your music on the go:

    3. And this CD flip case that allowed you to travel with your CDs:

    4. This iconic TV and VHS combo:

    5. This Blockbuster membership card that gave you access to thousands of movies:

    6. These floppy disks that stored all of your documents:

    7. This beautiful and colourful row of VHS tapes:

    8. This old legend they call Big Mouth Billy Bass:

    9. This Motorola Razr which was the peak of the flip phone craze:

    10. This old Game Boy, complete with spare batteries:

    11. And the Game Boy camera which felt like the height of technology:

    12. This AOL disk that gave you a free internet trial:

    13. And these freshly burned CD-Rs:

    14. These photo negatives that came with your developed photos:

    15. This demo disk that came with the first Playstation:

    16. This old-school Polaroid camera which allowed you to immediately develop your photos:

    17. This neon orange Tamagotchi:

    18. This cute looking Furby:

    19. This memory card that allowed you to save your in-game progress:

    20. This infuriatingly addictive game that compelled you to try and beat your own high score:

    21. This fancy stack of CDs:

    22. This professional-looking Palm Pilot PDA:

    23. This burger phone which became a quirky classic of its era:

    24. This very '90s looking watch known as the Casio G-shock:

    25. This Pokédex that helped you to catch them all:

    26. This overhead projector, about to be wheeled out to class:

    27. And finally, this super annoying MSN notification:


    Additional imagery from Amazon and Getty Images / iStock.

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