24 Photos That Are Way Too Real For Book Lovers

    Goodbye, bedside table space.

    1. When your bedside table resembles a game of Jenga.

    2. When you order a book online and it's not as perfect as you imagined.

    3. Or when you buy an old book and its pages are dogeared.

    4. This all too common problem:

    5. When there is no more space in your life for new books.

    6. When you resort to using all kinds of random things as bookmarks.

    7. Getting interrupted by someone while you're reading.

    8. Why your back always hurts.

    9. Trying to find a comfortable reading position.

    10. The dilemma of whether or not to go all in and buy a complete book series.

    11. When you buy a new book and have to rearrange your entire bookcase to accommodate it.

    12. When you finish reading one book and realise the next book in the series isn't out yet.

    13. The decline of the book summary.

    14. When you're halfway through half a dozen books.

    15. When you enter a bookstore and want to buy everything in sight

    16. When someone says they don't like reading.

    17. When you've read a book so many times the spine breaks.

    18. When you move house and realise just how out of hand your book hoarding has become.

    19. When you stay up all night reading.

    20. When you get a serious case of bookcase envy.

    21. When you get way too emotionally invested in a book.

    22. This dilemma:

    23. Trying to choose which book to read next.

    24. And when you keep buying more books even though you've got a million unread ones.