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47 Movies That Helped People Cope During Their Depression

"It's my happy place – I'm seven again and nothing is wrong with the world."

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the movie that helped them during their depression. Here are their answers.

1. Life of Pi

20th Century Fox / BuzzFeed

"I realised life is an adventure and isn't truly what is seems, but if we stay true to ourselves and our beliefs we will find home again, that our inner-demons can be tamed, and they will leave us when we are truly ready to discover the world ahead."

Submitted by Aubrey Gealsha, Facebook

2. Amélie


"Amélie really helps me through anything. ANYTHING. If you're upset it helps perk you up, if you feel like a weirdo it makes it not feel like a bad thing, if you had a bad break-up there's that weird recorder guy that you can be glad isn't your ex. It's just good for all ills."

Submitted by Lee Jenkinson, Facebook

3. Silver Linings Playbook

The Weinstein Company

"Watching them work through their problems and accept their faults made me feel like I could make it through okay too. And all the adorable dance scenes got me up out of bed and wanting to be moving and active again."

Submitted by talknerdy2me

4. Lost in Translation

Focus Features / BuzzFeed

"It's definitely a movie for introverts, and I found the music very soothing. There's a lot of time to reflect rather than be distracted, which helps me sometimes. It's not necessarily a happy movie, but I adore it."

Submitted by Amy Joyce , Facebook

5. Lilo and Stitch

Walt Disney Studios

"There is literally nothing sad about that movie, it is just love."

Submitted by Phoebe Bunting, Facebook

6. Synecdoche, New York

Sony Pictures Classics

"I think it spoke to my soul about depression and existential crises with such visceral truth that I felt connected to something; I felt like I was not alone with the terrible enormity of my feelings. I find the numbness that comes with depression the hardest part to cope with: It colours the world grey and soulless for me, like nothing is true or real, so for something to come along that addresses that feeling gave me such a feeling of relief. For me it is a truly sublime film."

Submitted by Withering Moonflower, Facebook

7. Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Focus Features / BuzzFeed

"Elizabeth Bennet's spirit and independence was always inspiring, and the soundtrack and cinematography is soothing."

Submitted by Erin Lightner, Facebook

8. Legally Blonde


"Legally Blonde got me through a few rough patches during high school and college. Elle spent the whole movie not fitting in at Harvard, but then ended up with the best deal out of everyone, and that gave me a lot of hope for dealing with my own loneliness. Plus she proved that being girly doesn't diminish your intelligence or work ethic. That helped me feel a lot more comfortable with myself in an environment where I was told intellectuals have to be one certain way."

Submitted by ashleyf441d31191

9. The Harry Potter series

Warner Bros.

"I was too tired to reread the books when I was at the peak of my depression, so I watched the movies and escaped to a world where I didn't have to worry about my problems."

Submitted by Sarah Whatley, Facebook

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Walt Disney Studios / BuzzFeed

"I know it sounds a little odd, but I really identified with Jack, who everyone thought had it all together but who was, in fact, really lonely and wanted more out of life."

Submitted by Matthew Secaur, Facebook

11. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Paramount Pictures

"For whatever reason, the movie I watched a hundred times during the worst of my depression was the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There's something so calming about Gene Wilder in that movie."

Submitted by Jessica Case , Facebook

12. Cool Runnings

Walt Disney Pictures

"It's my happy place – I'm seven again and nothing is wrong with the world."

Submitted by melyssaw2

13. 127 Hours

Fox Searchlight Pictures / BuzzFeed

"I first saw it almost five years ago. After that my life was completely changed for the better. I had depression so bad, I turned to self-harm. 127 Hours made me realise how valuable life is, how important your loved ones really are, and to never, ever, give up."

Submitted by Jess Pruim, Facebook

14. About Time

Universal Pictures

"I thought this movie was just another love story but it is much more than that. It teaches you to appreciate the little things in life and to realize that sometimes you have crappy days but they pass and are really not worth dwelling on. Whenever I'm feeling very sad or alone, I watch this movie."

Submitted by finklestein15

15. The original Star Wars trilogy

20th Century Fox

"Life in general seemed worth it knowing that at the end of the day, I could watch the Rebel Alliance take on the Empire."

Submitted by Brittany Catherine Wildgoose , Facebook

16. The Lego Movie

Warner Bros. / BuzzFeed

"I've been struggling with depression for about five years now. I've always felt like I was nobody and I am always going to be a nobody. The message in The Lego Movie gave me hope. I am special. Everybody is special. You can achieve great things. Just hearing that brought me to tears."

Submitted by janeaustinite6

17. It's A Wonderful Life

RKO Radio Pictures

"Ugh, when George Bailey is sitting in the bar saying a prayer and looking so desperate, I bawl, cathartically."

Submitted by Jenna Clayton , Facebook

18. Austenland

Sony Pictures Classics

"Even when I'm having the roughest day, I watch the movie Austenland. It's a reminder that when life seems boring and repetitive, that things can change in an instant. Keri Russel plays the most relatable character I've ever seen. It's also funny as all hell."

Submitted by Becca Loudon, Facebook

19. The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Summit Entertainment / BuzzFeed

"It made me believe in myself again. Made me believe I could be a wonderfully written story."

Submitted by Karina Garcia , Facebook

20. Lars and the Real Girl


"It's a weird choice but I found it oddly comforting. When I was so disconnected to everyone and everything around me I saw these people with the same problems and it made me smile for the first time in a while."

Submitted by ennathinks

21. (500) Days Of Summer

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"(500) Days Of Summer helped me realised that life may seem really bad and like it could never get better, but that opportunities and happiness are right around the corner if you're willing to get out and take them."

Submitted by Emily Ware, Facebook

22. The Princess and The Frog

Walt Disney Studios / BuzzFeed

"Being from South Louisiana, it always brought a certain sense of comfort and familiarity to me. Also, who doesn't love a good animated Disney movie?"

Submitted by Hannah Leger, Facebook

23. It's Kind of a Funny Story

Focus Features

"It's Kind Of A Funny Story helped me realise that the feelings I was experiencing weren't unique to me. It made me see that I was not alone, and when you're suffering from depression that is a feeling that is immeasurably helpful."

Submitted by Libbi Adams , Facebook

24. Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Walt Disney Studios

"The constant questioning of who you really are and the self-confidence build up really helps your brain focus on what's mostly important."

Submitted by Allie Henkel, Facebook

25. Pan's Labyrinth

Warner Bros. / BuzzFeed

"I must have watched it a million times but I still cry every time."

Submitted by Mackenzie Olivia, Facebook

26. The Birdcage

United Artists

"When I'm depressed, I always end up watching The Birdcage because I know it will make me laugh every time without fail. Plus, the late great Robin Williams stars in it, and any Robin Williams film is magic to my mood."

Submitted by Colleen Deitrich, Facebook

27. Almost Famous


"Whenever I'm feeling especially down I take out Almost Famous and I watch that "Tiny Dancer" scene and cry sad and happy tears at the same time, and then everything is a little better."

Submitted by Amy Butenhof, Facebook

28. Donnie Darko

Pandora Cinema

"Usually when I was at my lowest I would always just feel numb and emotionless, and the part near the end with "Mad World" being played (with its own emotional lyrics) combined with what was happening in the movie left me so overwhelmed with emotions that I would usually cry – a much needed release, enough to get me through another day."

Submitted by hyphenw

29. Ghost World

United Artists

"It's fairly rare I find a character, like Enid, I connect with on so many levels – not a good person or bad person, just damaged. Most high school movies depict depression so melodramatically, but in this film it isn't the main focus, just an aspect of her character."

Submitted by Russell Chesley Jr., Facebook

30. Into the Wild

Paramount Vantage

"Really calms me down in any situation."

Submitted by Dom Hansson, Facebook

31. When Harry Met Sally...

Columbia Pictures / BuzzFeed

"There's just something about that movie that whisks me away and helps me feel stronger for some reason. I can't explain it."

Submitted by Sarah Kaitlin Prulhiere, Facebook

32. Garden State

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"I never connect to films, but every time I watch this it makes me believe that even in my darkest days it is possible to make it through. Stay strong!"

Submitted by Hetty Murfitt-Pearce , Facebook

33. Spirited Away

Toho Co. Ltd.

"I never fail to get lost in that movie."

Submitted by Fraser Maclean, Facebook

34. Evil Dead II

Renaissance Pictures / BuzzFeed

"My freshman year of college was beyond rough. On Friday nights, I would rent movies and lock myself in my dorm room to watch them. I watched all of the Evil Dead series, but Evil Dead II will always be my favourite. It sparked my love for horror movies, and it made me laugh super hard. When I was having an awful weekend, I just watched Bruce Campbell movies and felt better. I got to meet him a few years ago at a Con and I told him about this, and he was really kind and supportive of it, and now it means that much more to me."

Submitted by nettysgirl

35. Where The Wild Things Are

Warner Bros. Pictures

"I was going through a lot of personal and family issues, I was a super sensitive person and still am. A movie I still watch to get a good cry and feel better is Where The Wild Things Are. It's so much more than an adaptation of a children's book."

Submitted by kathyp4a5eb1356

36. 2001: A Space Odyssey


"I got a copy as a gift right around the time I got bad and I watched that movie over and over. For some reason the insignificance it made me feel was weirdly comforting."

Submitted by t44ce0b7d1

37. The Royal Tenenbaums

Walt Disney Studios / BuzzFeed

"Even though it feel like it may seem like it's got a depressing vibe throughout the whole thing, The Royal Tenenbaums has always helped me when I'm at my lowest. There's something so beautiful about every character, no matter how much they're dealing with."

Submitted by laurenl4303251a8

38. The Lord of the Rings trilogy

New Line Cinema

"It makes me feel like there's always some good amidst the darkness."

Submitted by Annabel Hynes, Facebook

39. Grease

Paramount Pictures

"The sheer joy that can be expressed in those songs can lift me out of anything."

Submitted by Rebecca Casey , Facebook

40. Stand By Me

Columbia Pictures / BuzzFeed

"It showed me how to be a kid again and to let my wild side out. It helped me learn how to deal with the problems I had with myself and it allowed me to connect with each character in a different way. I will always love it."

Submitted by jessicaashley1313

41. Inside Out

Walt Disney Studios

"Seeing that it was okay to be sad and that it was necessary to truly feel alive helped me know that I didn't have to force myself to be happy all the time. It allowed me to begin to accept myself as I am again."

Submitted by lizz4e0a3009e

42. Man on Wire

Magnolia Pictures

"I believe Man on Wire helped save my life. I did a project on Philippe Petit and it gave me purpose. He is such a source of hope. Life is beautiful."

Submitted by anyaaa

43. Pitch Perfect

Universal Studios / BuzzFeed

"I watched it at least twice a week during the worst time. It took me to a happy place."

Submitted by kirstya43b0a70e0

44. The Producers (1968)

Embassy Pictures

It's the movie I've seen the most times and grew up watching – some kids had Disney, I had The Producers. It still cracks me up even though I know it by heart. Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder are golden together. It never fails to make me smile. Really, a stunning piece of work."

Submitted by Krystal Watanabe , Facebook

45. Girl, Interrupted

Columbia Pictures

"It showed that you are not your mental illness. No matter what you struggle with you can still be the kindness you want to find in the world."

Submitted by mackenzief42719fb7e

46. Les Misérables

Universal Studios / BuzzFeed

"I remember the first time I saw how passionate the character Enjolras was about everything he did for France. The portrayal gave me hope to go after what I wanted and get rid of what was holding me back. If I have the drive, I can do anything. I may get shot down, but at least I gave it my all."

Submitted by tyishasasham

47. Back to the Future

Universal Studios

"It made me laugh and smile and distracted me from my dark thoughts for a good hour and a half or so."

Submitted by maddyg4d9180e8a

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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