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18 Of The Most Messed-Up Things People Have Done On Simulation Games

"I create people I hate on The Sims 3 and then give them terrible lives."

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some of the most depraved things they've done on simulation games. Here are some of the responses.

1. Ex-offender

"One time while playing The Sims, I made all of my ex-boyfriends. I then made myself. I proceeded to lock said exes in a 1x1 room. I would then wait until they died. Once they were a ghost, I would bring them back, only to kill again. This lasted for a good three weeks."

Submitted by d4cf12356d

2. Gutter ball

"In RollerCoaster Tycoon, I would play 'peep bowling' by gathering as many people as possible in one long stretch of walkway and then make an incomplete roller coaster facing the walkway crash into them. Oh, the chaos."

Submitted by larissao4f071ae19

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3. Grave consequences

"I had built a Transylvanian-style castle in The Sims, but still needed the massive cemetery surrounding it. The only obvious solution was to kill people until I had filled the grounds with enough headstones. So I would move in eight random people, putting them in the swimming pool, removing the ladder and watching them drown. Repeat until the total number of graves was well over 150. It shouldn’t be that much fun, but it just is."

Submitted by emilysoftley

4. Whale of a time

"I had a SeaWorld Tycoon-type game and if the customers were rude I would make them the main attraction and strand them in the middle of an open water exhibit pool on a 1ft island. I would change the whole layout of my park in order to make it work if I had to."

Submitted by mereditht4a07047a3

Electronic Arts

5. The lions' den

"When I got bored with Zoo Tycoon, I would build lots of exhibits for all sorts of carnivores. When my park was busy enough with people, I would block the entrance of the zoo, fire all the zoo keepers, and then delete all the walls to the exhibits. Then, all the wild, man-eating carnivores ran amok in the zoo. My sisters and I would laugh while we watched lions, tigers, and bears attack the screaming visitors and throw them up in the air and eat them. It was great fun."

Submitted by Celeste Forrest-Blissett, Facebook

6. Urine it to win it

"I once had my Sim throw a party that was really just a trap. I put all the Sims in a windowless, doorless room that had only beds, and my goal was to see who would be the last one standing – Battle Royale style. The room was basically just covered with Sim piss by the end of it."

Submitted by Joe Purcell, Facebook

Via Microsoft Game Studios

7. I'm a survivor

"There was one time on The Sims 3 where my love interest had a girlfriend that I needed out of the way, so I had a party and built a wall around her with no doors in the hope that she would just die of starvation. After three days of her not dying and putting up with her constant moaning and crying, I thought I'd build a pool underneath her and not put a ladder in so she'd drown. She swam for another two days, exhausted, but for some reason not giving up, so I put in a ladder to let her out.

"She was still in an enclosed room, so I extended it, put in a bunch of rugs, five fireplaces and turned them on. I wait for another two days. How this Sim is surviving I don't know – she's hardcore. I was almost about to admit defeat when the long-awaited fire finally started, raged out of control and she went up in flames.

"I built her the biggest shrine ever. Her ghost didn't like it. What a bitch."

Submitted by Debby Murphy-Stevens, Facebook

8. True evil

"I charged $10 entrance fee for the bathrooms on RollerCoaster Tycoon."

Submitted by Ashley Sy, Facebook

Electronic Arts

9. Family values

"I worked out that after three generations Sims no longer recognise each other as family members, i.e. the children of two cousins can be in a relationship. I find it really difficult and time-consuming to find partners for my Sims around the neighbourhood so every couple of generations I just have them interbreed. To make it easier to establish a romantic relationship when they mature I make sure they’re close as youngsters. Some of them even potty trained their future husband/wife. I’ve basically created an Egyptian dynasty."

Submitted by sirmazbit

10. Time to reflect

"On RollerCoaster Tycoon if someone was pissing me off I’d drop them into the lake. Sometimes I’d give them a reprieve just before they drowned. But sometimes I’d just let them die. Dark. There was something quite satisfying about the notification you used to get afterwards… 'Guest 4274 has drowned.'”

Submitted by tylero46578042c

Hasbro Interactive

11. Check yourself before you Shrek yourself

"On The Sims 4, I made a Shrek Sim. I built a prison-like room in his basement and made him adopt several kids. He would lock them in there with only food to survive, then eventually, he would take them one at a time and put them in this small room where they would eventually starve. He took pictures of them suffering and dying and hung them up around his house. Also, he did the same thing to people he dated. He would have babies with them, then kill them and take pictures. It was pretty weird."

Submitted by alliec4a3f0cb6d

12. Short end of the sick

"In RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 I used a cheat code to make every single person (all 700 of them) barf at the exact same time.

"Those poor, poor janitors."

Submitted by agewalker

Electronic Arts

13. Polar opposites

"One time while playing Zoo Tycoon I put the penguins and the polar bears in the same habitat, but I was too young to understand why that was a bad idea. I watched in horror as the polar bears ate the penguins."

Submitted by amandaf4ed7527f6

14. Math problems

"I used to play The Sims 3 in my math class and I created a family made up of all the people around me in the class and killed them off in several different ways. I would screenshot their deaths and send it to them on Facebook. I failed that class."

Submitted by ashleys419ae4ebc

Hasbro Interactive

15. Collateral damage

"In RollerCoaster Tycoon I used to drown the kids who were about to throw up so I didn’t have to keep hiring so many janitors to clean up after them. I also increased the speed of one of the roller coasters and it sent the 13 riders into the log flume, killing the 13 riders on the roller coaster and the eight on the flume."

Submitted by briscoekat

16. Blue daba-dee daba-die

"One time, on The Sims 3, I made three blue people and had them impregnate every woman in the town to try and populate the town with only blue people. Every time a skin toned baby appeared, I trapped them in a room and set it on fire, killed them by starvation, or drowned them. Eventually I got around 80% of the town to be blue."

Submitted by xoxsarahj

Hasbro Interactive

17. Drown your sorrows

"I have done some awful shit. I create people I hate on The Sims 3 and then give them terrible lives. Sarah at work won’t be laughing at me anymore when all her husbands cheat on her while she’s pregnant and then drown in the pool."

Submitted by ashleea4157e1eb4

18. Pit of despair

"When I was younger my parents bought RollerCoaster Tycoon for my sisters and I. When we first started playing, the park rating was really low because apparently people were getting sick all over the park and we didn’t know how to clean it. So we just made a big ditch in the back of the park. Every time we saw someone who felt sick we would just stick 'em in there. They stayed in that ditch with each other and their vomit forever, even after we learned that you can hire people to clean."

Submitted by alir412d120ec

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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