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17 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Me As A Communist"

Always on the lookout for the capitalist agenda. Always.

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1. When your dedication to the cause shocks fellow comrades:

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

2. When you're always on the lookout for the capitalist agenda:

3. When you know the true source of fun:

PBS / Via

4. When even your pets are aware of the need to abolish all private property:

5. When Western propaganda infests the minds of the young:

6. When you enter the private workforce but still hold on to your Marxist ideology:

20th Television / Via

7. When you just want to chill out to some music:

8. When you're always thinking of the red:

9. When you impress a potential partner by speaking the language of love:

10. When you've read all the classic books of your youth:

11. When you can't stop thinking of the enemy:

12. When there's a party next door:

13. When you know that food tastes better when distributed:

14. When you know the answer:

15. When you proudly know the solution to all the world's problems:

16. When you take control of the means of production:

17. When you finally relax after a long day of working towards the establishment of a classless society: