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    9 Genius Ideas That Are Helping To Save The Planet And 9 That Are Doing, Well…The Opposite

    For everything good, there's something equally evil.

    1. These recycling bins with helpful visual guides:

    And these trash cans that have been unhelpfully gendered for some reason:

    2. This restaurant that came up with the genius idea of using noodles as straws:

    And this restaurant that went straw free, but decided to go overboard on the plastic cutlery:

    3. These cigarettes that come with a postage-paid recycling pouch, so you can dispose of your cigarettes both safely and environmentally:

    And this gas station with a bucket for disposing cigarettes that's placed RIGHT NEXT TO A GAS PUMP:

    4. This recycling bin for gum that's actually made out of gum:

    And this receipt for ONE SINGLE pack of gum:

    5. This college recycling bin that's exclusively designed for pizzas:

    And these recycling bins that aren't exclusively designed for anything, since all openings lead to the same bin:

    6. This recycled cardboard used as protective packaging:

    And this protective packaging that came with even more protective packaging:

    7. This recycling bin that tells you how loud the lid is when you slam it:

    And this recycling bin that just ends up in the same place as the rest of the trash:

    8. This mini golf corse that made biodegradable golf balls that drop into the ocean on the last hole:

    And this supermarket who turned biodegradable products into non-biodegradable ones:

    9. This recycling bin in a fast food restaurant that encourages you to pour out your liquid before recycling.

    And finally, these trash cans that encourage a very unhealthy attitude towards feeding wildlife: